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Our distinctive modern waistcoats have always been the foundation of the Julian Road collection. Designed and sampled in Shropshire they are impeccably tailored in London to the highest quality and ethical standards. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and creating perfect fit, resulting in premium quality garments for you to enjoy.

Where do we source our cloth?

Fabrics are the foundation of our collections and we are meticulous about their origins, rooted in sustainability.

We source our tweed from a number of reputable British mills that support the ethical growing of wool and the production of woollen cloth, with strict quality control and protocols.

Harris tweed is hand woven on the Isle of Harris using Scottish and island pure virgin wool.

The insulated garments use an eco friendly biodegradable filler.

We use buttons made from discarded seashells or mother-of-pearl are sustainable choices. Using these materials helps repurpose waste from the seafood industry

Where do we produce our clothing?

We make all our own label garments in the UK either at small independent factories that prioritise the welfare and rights of the worker, or in Shropshire using outworkers that were once employed at the now closed local trouser factory.

How sustainable are we?

We can always do better but we aim to produce our clothing with as little impact on the climate as we can. 

Driven by the mantra "buy less, buy better," our goal is to craft clothing that stands the test of time, both in style and durability. We make in small batches so reducing waste with offcuts being used for smaller accessories.

With online shopping forming a major part of our sales, our choice in packaging is pivotal. We send out in recycled cardboard boxes and have opted for biodegradable celophane for wrapping the shirts. We aim to use as little plastic as possible in house with wooden hangers, cloth garments bags etc.